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If wishes could come true

If wishes could come true

I would wish we could escape

Into an eternity, where nobody could rue

Our suitability, our ability to stay the course and win

Where we were free, to laugh, love and exist, with no debate

I would wish for ever lasting happiness, where we could grow together

Free from the constrictions of convention

If wishes could come true.


Softly blown

Kisses and wishes

Carried to you
Over boundless ellipses

Of trust and lust

Fluttering and floating

Quietly hushed
Valiantly hoping

Our feelings attuned

For you to seize

To set you on fire
Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz

As the  words and pictures

Swirl and brim

Totally bewitched
Sustain love caught on a whim

Jigsaw of life

I cherish those pieces of you I shared,
It had to be enough, the times we cared,
Propping me up in times of woe,
Helping to fight the common foe,
My knight in shining armour,
I think maybe not,  knight in ardour,
That’s a possible plot,
We never had a future just a here, to adopt,
A mutual need,  so no angst or hook,
Sharing our time, like pages in a book,
Learning to grow and fulfill myself,
Came directly from  scraps, found on our shelf,
The jigsaw of life more complex than some,
Fitting together, our demons overcome,
Once more the jigsaw of life is tipped from the box,
Lots of the middle retained its locks,
Fitting the stray pieces together again,
With new insights a clearer refrain,
I cherish those pieces of you I shared,
Learning and growing my jigsaw is prepared