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Ticking Clock

Late nights turn quickly to early morning

As I recognise the spark of an idea

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Space between the second hand is falling

Recognising potential could be the reason

Late nights turn quickly to early morning


I will have recognised a new dawning

of ideas, to be pushed in the arena

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Between punctuation and profundities crossing

I do not recognise my tired demeanor

Late nights turn quickly into early mornings


Lack of  sleep, causes serious mourning

Tomorrow I will recognise this schema

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Without rhyme or reason need becomes longing

Recognising insomnia and amensia

Late nights turn into early mornings

The ticking clock issues no warning
Written in the Villanelle form.


Sharing  our intimate fantasies

We need trust,to stop tragedies 

 Unlocking our ideas exciting immense

Exploring wildness  feelings intense

So many situations we could try out

Sharing ideas, time and about 

Making the pictures held in our heads

Come alive and become real instead

Partners in pleasure trying our dreams

Rising so high within the jet stream

Ideas so sensual,so carefree, so freeing

Maintaining excitement and a relationship  intriguing


Words,those insubstantial marks on the page

Concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage

Words those insignificant sounds, reaching our ears

Communicating our  needs, joys, and fears

What makes those words such a potent force?

When each receiver, tunes in, differently!  Of course!

Words. The pictures produced in the receiver’s  mind

Influenced by  experiences, perceptions,  beliefs inside

Words  paint pictures of concepts we feel a need to express

Words evoking reaction, maybe that’s a writer’s success

Words, those insubstantial marks on the page

Flying High

Sometimes we explore all realms of being
Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing
Trust that binds us allows for sharing
All ideas pondered our intimacy baring

 Expression lands us raw and intense

Ideas unlocked excitingly immense
So many situations and fun to try out

 Partners of pleasure no limits no doubt

 Flying high on clouds of delight
Spreading our wings with all our might

 Making the visions we hold in our heads

 Come alive to our delight

Trembling on the cusp

​Trembling on the cusp

Of new ideas

It’s ever thus
Creativity falls like rain


More the strain
Seduced by promises

Of more and better

Application spatter
Soliloquy or monologue 

Or floating

Thoughts like thistle down 
Trembling on the cusp

Need to ride the wave

Harness the power

Be brave.

Moving ideas

Out of my mind, onto the page,
Ideas stream, words just rage,
Clamouring  for release, urging me on,
My love for life, drives the marathon,
Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace,
The need to transcribe, a daily race,
Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction,
Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.

What sparked the idea for Converging lives.

I starting playing a well known word game on line two years ago because I love word games. I soon had a number of games on the go I think 12, three were with friends and the remainder random games generated by the server. I soon found that some people were happy to chat in the text box and some just played without speaking.
It’s always been my habit to open with a hello my name is …… and enjoy the game. If there is a reply the conversation might continue or if no reply then I just play. Often the people who don’t reply just play the one game and move on but I have been playing two people for over a year we have never spoken I do not know their names or gender but we play good games and that is what it is all about.

I played happily for several weeks and heard complaints from some women about predatory males, inappropriate sexual overtures, some women had removed their thumbnail pictures because they were being hit upon. I thought blissfully that because I was more mature that I was unlikely to be hit upon and had the idea reinforced by the fact that some random players resigned as soon as they saw my name and thumbnail. So the first thumbnail in a random game of erect male genitalia was somewhat of a surprise. I found it annoying, in that it felt like a disrespectful thing to do so I resigned that game. Then came the game with the opener   “I am horny ” on balance I wasn’t interested so I resigned that game.  To be fair it is not only men hitting on women, in my chats to some of the players who became my friends, I have heard of women also chatting up and initiating sexual chat.

Now at the start of this process I was pretty naive about what was happening on the Internet and was unused to texting and the terminology. I was playing with a young man probably 20 years younger than me it was a tight game. We had a brief conversation about our interests when he suddenly typed “mm mm you are such a MILF. ” I hadn’t the remotest idea what a MILF was so I had to Google it. When I had finished falling about laughing,  what a crazy idea, I replied  “I am far too old for you to even be thinking that.” He assured me I wasn’t, suggested what fun I could have with a young stud and what fun he could have with an experienced woman. He wanted a meet for live sex, I panicked and resigned the game.

This and a few other encounters sparked my curiosity about exactly what was happening behind the scenes in this game. I started talking to people to find their experiences and found the women who had been seduced into cybersex and Skype sex who had inevitably fallen in love and been hurt, when their love was not reciprocated. The men who were spicing up a life ,where sex with real life partners was scare, but they didn’t want a real time messy affair, but needed a sexual outlet. The people who enjoyd the chase. The people who felt they were providing a service helping people climax and sharing that intimacy with them.

A world I had no idea existed. So this sparked the idea for Converging Lives and the novel was born.

Text excerpt from a Word Crozzle conversation.

Jane. I have been indulging in cyberspace with a young man.
Rick.Naugnty Mary Jane. Hahahahaha. I think Mary Jane  will be be my name for you when you are being naughty angel!
Jane. Yes started late with sex enjoyment so. Having my young time now….
Oh since when has it been naughty Rick Anson?
Rick.Yes indeed. No its all good. Teasing baby.
Jane. Also really late discovering the joy of sex! And my full sexuality so got lots to recoop am in arrears!
Rick. I applaud that. Because most women would just settle and be miserable.
Jane.  But actually the more I hear women in their fifties they are either very sexual or disinterested in sex.
Rick. Yeah either extreme
Jane. 1 know of several women in their fifties doing stranger sex and lots who feel they have done their ‘duty’ and dont want sex anymore.
Rick. Like totally want it. Any time anywhere or hate the idea and thought of it.
Jane. Yes.
Rick.  I’m sure that is the case.
Jane. And maybe I am somewhere in the middle ,because l havent made that mental leap to stranger sex…but adore good sex!
Rick. I’m sure going through the menopause must have its draw backs,  but for some it might also be a new lease of life sexually.
Jane. Yes….but I think the women who go off sex….may have had mediocre sex…..maybe with a man who was more interested in getting his end away than pleasuring them…or its boring same same sex.
Rick.I concur with that.
Jane. I think lots of women never have an earth shattering orgasam in their lives and never self explore so they never experience the total joy and therefore it becomes less important. And when the lust wears off…one has to work to keep sex exciting…and people dont bother.
Rick. All they need is a younger model for a few nights. And usual services will resume.
Jane.  Only if the younger model is good….and thats not a given.
Rick. But good old monogamy prevents such sacrilegious sentiments. Lol.
Rick. I know. I’m good. Can’t speak for everyone. Hahahaha.
Jane.1 think monogomy is less an issue….than other things…
Jane. There is still a big difference in attitudes to men having lots of sexual partners…..and women….hes just getting his end away…shes often seen as a slut. Its very complex.
Jane. Glad you are good…..do you have a set of commendations?
Jane. It took me a long time to find somebody who was good…lol.
Rick.Yeah definitely.
Commendations? Hah! Try me baby!
Jane. Ha ha. Well only got your word.
Rick.But we are still living in a man’s world.Whether we like it or not in relation to perception of sexual roles and activity. That’s  generally still the case unfortunately
Jane. Yes we are … Sexually I now feel comfortable asking for what I want.
Rick. Which I think every woman should do
Jane.Yes but you have to know….and if you havent done self exploration or had a skilled lover ..you dont know….and how can you expect a man to find your buttons if you dont know exactly where they are. He will have a general idea…but each of us has slightly different buttons.
Jane. And you have to have the confidence …I didnt when I was younger.