Ticking Clock

Late nights turn quickly to early morning As I recognise the spark of an idea Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning   Space between the second hand is falling Recognising potential could be the reason Late nights turn quickly to early morning   I will have recognised a new dawning of ideas, to beContinue reading “Ticking Clock”


Sharing  our intimate fantasies We need trust,to stop tragedies   Unlocking our ideas exciting immense Exploring wildness  feelings intense So many situations we could try out Sharing ideas, time and about  Making the pictures held in our heads Come alive and become real instead Partners in pleasure trying our dreams Rising so high within the jetContinue reading “Fantasy”


Words,those insubstantial marks on the page Concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage Words those insignificant sounds, reaching our ears Communicating our  needs, joys, and fears What makes those words such a potent force? When each receiver, tunes in, differently!  Of course! Words. The pictures produced in the receiver’s  mind Influenced by  experiences, perceptions,Continue reading “Words”

Flying High

Sometimes we explore all realms of being Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing Trust that binds us allows for sharing All ideas pondered our intimacy baring  Expression lands us raw and intense Ideas unlocked excitingly immense So many situations and fun to try out  Partners of pleasure no limits no doubt  Flying high on cloudsContinue reading “Flying High”

Trembling on the cusp

​Trembling on the cusp Of new ideas It’s ever thus Creativity falls like rain Harnessing More the strain Seduced by promises Of more and better Application spatter Soliloquy or monologue  Or floating Thoughts like thistle down  Trembling on the cusp Need to ride the wave Harness the power Be brave.

Moving ideas

Out of my mind, onto the page, Ideas stream, words just rage, Clamouring  for release, urging me on, My love for life, drives the marathon, Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace, The need to transcribe, a daily race, Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction, Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.