Just the visualisation of your lust Every picture in you mind needs another’s trust For erotic scenes you command and demand Forever the voyeur, your preferred kingdom

Awake Early

Awake early Its at the morning Part of the day Yet its so dark In sleep, I should stay But my body Itself betrays Wide awake ready For whatever foray Is thrown at it To grasp and weigh Ready to live, laugh Try to stay Focused energised Reduced dismay Another day of precious life WillContinue reading “Awake Early”


Daylight floods  past the curtain edges Over the ceiling and lightens the room Never the harsh clear light of the African sky No the mellower hazy light of England Yet as I lay in bed and feel I soar and fly

Bob Accrostic

Beneath the vast clear sky Observe the hovering hawk Birds eye view something new Down on the ground A man turns around Visualise the action the sound Invoking ripples across the cosmos Energising and changing the dynamics Scaling his actions changing lives


Peeking through, my tousled hair Looking through eyes, needing to stare Enjoying the view and able to share With a sensitive man, so kind so rare. Gathering confidence, feeling right A friendship, full of laughter, sunlight Watching the actions, I longed to see Making me feel sexy, a totally new we. Your warm breath, ticklingContinue reading “Sharing”

Room with a view

The room with the view Has a problem or two Its up five flights of stairs There aren’t any chairs When you get to the top You feel that you’ll drop You are so red in the face Breathless with the pace You have to lie down Now comes a frown Cause the room withContinue reading “Room with a view”

Keeping passion alive

Tender moments alone together Making memories that we treasure Everlasting love in our minds Using the irritations, to redraw the lines For the future looks bright Making life work together Life’s storms, help strengthen and weather Remembering the times we’ve shared Wanting each to grow, to be, we’ve cared Negative moments the rarest of allContinue reading “Keeping passion alive”


Man with magnetic ways Eyes that mesmerise , my feelings betray Your personality and charm I love to see Please have your way with me The contrast of your masculinity  Accentuates my femininity Striking the match of passion Blazing rising flames of desire Woman with intense emotions  Intending to explore, life’s commotions Woman with herContinue reading “Wanting”


Picture the times Remember the rhymes Words have never been hard to find The connection is strong It didn’t take long There are no rules in the friendship song The sharing is there It makes us care Helps make us complete celebrates the unique Its supportive and true And passionate too It helps us growContinue reading “FRIENDSHIPS”