As we walk life’s tortuous paths we encounter seasons as life rolls past Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter pass with certitude a familiar refrain weather patterns change to unexpected patterns less snow more rain making the season harder to explain As we walk life’s tortuous paths our lives are like seasons spring,summer full of love andContinue reading “Seasons”

Reaction ….

Reaction Typical the light turned red I haven’t time to get things done Why does that woman stand and chat instead of move along the queue, can’t she see it’s not fun Nobody understands my stress The kids have left the house a mess Everyone’s on the road today Why is my computer slow –Continue reading “Reaction ….”

Timed to expire

Timed to expire Words of love often repressed Kindness taken for granted – unprocessed Presumption of thoughts – norms and dreams We no longer share – future schemes Drifting along – feather light Lack of communication – lack of fight Words of love often suppressed Bonds and feelings – dispossessed Living life in a dullContinue reading “Timed to expire”

Noble Trouble

Noble trouble An Awdl Gywydd – Welsh Poetry form Life is packed with trouble Are we noble in it’s face Stand up clad in gossamer as a dreamer in the race Or will we stand clad in steel Show we feel joy and sorrow Have the depth to fight our foes Strengthen goals for tomorrow

Would I look?

Would I look at you ,the same ,” regardless” if your eyes were filled with pain I would probably look closer, more information to obtain I might want to support you in your struggle to survive To try to hold a mirror to the you behind the pain and strife I would want to demonstrateContinue reading “Would I look?”

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand, in  the summary of your life Top, bottom, or middle, or just a worker in the hive Are you on the treadmill, running out of control Trying to please everybody, multiple roles Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths Give to others, go to any lengths Feel stressed andContinue reading “Where do you stand?”

Stars realign

A Villanelle  Dark days become nights the stars don’t align  in this nightmare world of retrograde time Stare into the cosmos look for a sign Spiral out of control, lost life’s design You were my anchor now gone such a crime Dark days become nights the stars don’t align Need to find a new pathContinue reading “Stars realign”