A morsel of you

I reflect on what we might have  been had things been different life’s unforseen,twists and turns following fates convuluted hand I had a glimpse or  a dream of a different future – built on sand Would we have been greater in pairing  or a disaster that fate has been kind in sparing our paths met,Continue reading “A morsel of you”

Love songs and poems

Listening to the love songs reading the poetry books love should be out there  can’t be overlooked take my breath away love at first sight these are the prizes if the authors are right looked around the corners  under the seats in my life, that sort of love seems to have me beat take aContinue reading “Love songs and poems”


Serendipitous soliloquy  Does this tirade scan iambically I pace the floor while shouting my declaimation  Trying to rid myself of my consternation You swore you loved me, You chased and wooed me I began to trust and became your devotee How could I become sucked in to this morass I am feeling such an assContinue reading “Serendipity”

Alternative way

If you are feeling at a low ebb Despondent unable to cope, with lifes web Heartbroken, unappreciated Clothed but feeling stark naked When you want to give up,stop, look for hope Regroup, retrench and for a moment,be a castle in a moat Find your essence, the centre of your being Retreat into your inner eye,Continue reading “Alternative way”


Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy  full of strife Where can I find the simple life Bustling  hustling Ever tussling No time to listen To watch the world glisten Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy full of strife Where can I find the simple life I need a space To slow my paceContinue reading “Hustling”


The journey goes on         The wheel of life turns A new awakening burns                                Thankful to see New ideas to set me free Moving through life Things I can influence              Continue reading “Journey”


Can you match me measure for measure will you be sensitive to my pleasure can you pull me, out of a web of distrust you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth cared so much, brought loving  close new love new  set of feelings exciting romance, to expunge past dealings trying to trust and believe anewContinue reading “New”


A Haibun – Japenese form that includes a prose poem and a Haiku. Time stood still as You walked into the water spangled mist Memories washed over me The sound of your voice Your smile that special look Drowned by the sound of roaring water Pain intensified Overhead swooping bird  Steals happiness drops sadness MemoriesContinue reading “Memories”


As we walk life’s tortuous paths  we encounter  seasons  as life rolls past Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter pass with certitude  a familiar refrain weather patterns change to unexpected patterns less no snow more rain making the season harder to explain As we walk life’s tortuous paths  our lives are like  seasons  Winter may seem toContinue reading “Seasons”