New Love

Newly met Learning yet Thunder rumbles Lightening strikes Urges rising Thinking alike Pouring down wild and wet Getting all ready getting set Unexpected newly directed Thoroughly affected Passion takes hold unrestrained Nothing about this can be tamed Mind pictures set the flame Until the lust peaks and wanes

Watching each other

He sends her a video showing His angles of arousal growing He is stroking his treasure In front of a video, of her, having pleasure The sight of the two bodies writhing Sends her pulses of desire, flying Peering at his need, she longs to touch him Feeling the beginnings of that tug within ThisContinue reading “Watching each other”

Trust. What is it it’s meaning within a relationship?

Trust is an important part relationships. But actually what is trust and what is it in relation, to relationships? Definition of trust in English:noun[MASS NOUN] 1Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something:relations have to be built on trust, they have been able to win the trust of the others. But what exactly is trust? IsContinue reading “Trust. What is it it’s meaning within a relationship?”

Relationship Snippets. 1

Every bit as important as attracting your ideal mate, is continually creating an environment for your partner to grow, develop and freely express themselves. Such an environment encourages ever-deepening intimacy and allows you both to discover joy, love, and satisfaction in all aspects of your lives together.