Tidal Wave

Touch                Zing tidal wave Ride                           Atop  breathless, crave Swept away                         Into  the  Sky  Feet Never                  Continue reading “Tidal Wave”

The dit dah of life

The dit dah, dit dah  of his life, Morse​ code,  Flashing lamp,  Programming  breaking                   lines The patterns of disordered  Strife. Hand held out, Grasping, Momentary gratification, Plucked fruit spoilt             by handling He acts without doubt. The boom, boom of life, EgoContinue reading “The dit dah of life”

Flying High

We are the makers of our fantasies Flying high, bandits at Ten o Clock Bullets ripping into the fuselage  tearing, burning causing  Sensations to build , magnify Words and pictures travelling through the ether   Leading us towards  wildness – this aerial ballet ,as we jockey for position Who will lead, who will follow, who Continue reading “Flying High”

The word of power

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves  Energy, jumping set ablaze I challege you to spin my dreams Educate me, help me to  ply my schemes Join me , help me in my wonder Send me to the heights, sate my hunger LiberateContinue reading “The word of power”


A lipogram Born too soon Downtown noon  Cotton Gown, of  Common brown Cloth cocoon Bomb , blown Boy drop Body stop Bloody horror Born too soon  Downtown noon Cold box No glory Long story.

Love is like an insect

An entomologist of feelings, Love -lust so appealing, Like a moth to a flame, time and again, I am attracted by your light, The sound of your voice,  Arouses me, like a cicada calling, to a mate, Drunk on your nectar, like a bee I am collector, Love-lust so appealing, Love lust unreeling, Will loveContinue reading “Love is like an insect”

Like an empty can

Heartless, heartless like an empty can, The ripples from your empty vessel reverberating, through the cosmos, Destroying all those,you snare in your web, Doomed to love only yourself, All your tomorrows set, to your narcissistic pleasure, Heartless, heartless like an empty can, Feeder on the souls of the innocent, I swim against the tide ofContinue reading “Like an empty can”