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Tidal Wave



tidal wave



breathless, crave

Swept away


the  Sky 

Feet Never


the ground



Tidal Wave


still amazed.


Coup de Foudre. 

The coup de foudre when it comes
Often has a roll of drums
What sparks the action, who can tell
Lust and hormones can cause hell
The gentle meeting of two minds
Interests that mean, you are two of a kind
The lightening strikes, the need to touch
Desolation, when apart, can be too much
The need to eat each other alive
Without the other you can’t survive
But will it last and stay the course
Or will love die and cause divorce?
The coup de foudre doesn’t stay
When lust has waned it goes away
Then the work is on to build
A strong relationship, become more skilled
Alternatively the relationship dies
Too little in common, no stars in the eyes
The coup de foudre is an amazing thing
Nothing is quite like it for creating a zing.

Imperative Compunction

​Embraced so tight, cheeks ablush 

Look in your eyes, words superfluous

 Tingling touch, that tantalises

Aching anticipation, fantasises

Sinfully delicious, mad seduction

Feels a natural construction.


Opening up my secret desires

Heart strings plucked, lust conspires

Panting passion, pleasure plea

Yearning yields, guarantee 

Melting core, trying to function

Over whelmed, imperative compunction

Light a spark

I challenge you, a deal to win
Ignite me, light a spark within
Hold me close, liberate the waves
Energy, jumps from you to me, ablaze
I feel set free, relaxed able to be
Join me in my wonder
Send me to heights, sate my hunger
Liberate me, Join me
Ignite me,light a spark within