Talking in the ether

I was talking to nobody And nobody listened The depth of the words Were shallow unheard I cried to the wind Lonely, not knowing how to cross the divide My wishes and hopes  Carried on the ethers tide When they met the right ears Trust dispelled all my fears Letting go of buried sighs FindingContinue reading “Talking in the ether”

Teddy Bear

Teddybear is sitting in the chair Wondering what clothes to wear Will it be an important day Will she listen to a word I say I have so much wisdom in my head Time she was up and out of the bed I share her secrets large and small Cuddle and kiss her when shesContinue reading “Teddy Bear”


​You make me laugh you make me smile You ease my troubles for a while When the world feels gloomy and my skies feel grey You help brighten the mood add light to my day I celebrate the essence of you

Friends with benefits

​Was it a phase  Can we repage Friends with benefits Suited us both Now friendship without predudice Will transition be smooth We gifted each other the most intimate act Holding back on full bonding an inextricable fact Having walled back emotions Will friendship really work Or cause commotions Too much of a quirk Should weContinue reading “Friends with benefits”

Lover….soul mate

He may be interchanged with she in this piece What is a lover? He is somebody that makes ones heart sing He cares about the true spirit He strives to see your innermost wants and understands your rights to live by your beliefs He listens to what you are saying and acts accordingly In hisContinue reading “Lover….soul mate”


What shall I do today No schedule ,to mar my play Shall I just please myself Do exercise to improve my health Shall I just improve my mind Enjoy literature of the improving kind Or allow my baser nature to concur Dress to kill become a poseur Read trashy novels of the seedy type ListenContinue reading “Choices”

Cyber Friends

​ In cyberspace their is a race Of people who want a different space Who want to add a layer on To make new friends not take them home Some of them just pass us by Touch our lives, make us, laugh or cry Others linger sharing stories Of life or love and other gloriesContinue reading “Cyber Friends”


​I cherish those pieces of you I shared, It had to be enough, the times we cared, Propping me up in times of woe, Helping to fight the common foe, My knight in armour, I think maybe not,  knight in ardour, That’s a possible plot, We never had a future just a here, to adopt,Continue reading “jigsaw”

What are we doing?

​What are we doing Where are we going Making you smile  Tooing and froing Hearing your dreams Sharing your schemes Drawing a picture Weaving the themes My first thought on waking My minds undertaking Help heal your ills See bonds we are creating What are we doing No future or wooing Seen only in picturesContinue reading “What are we doing?”


Happiness is a funny thing The strangest things can make us zing A smile an act The use of tact A meeting of minds The sharing of lines A hand held out A teasing bout A care thats shared A friend thats cared Natures beauty Doing ones duty Working out A sexy bout Its hardContinue reading “Happiness”