Habit of doubt

​Habit of doubt Need to work it out Communication is the key Talk to me Is this distance just a phase Or is doubt the poisons craze We are there to share good and bad Talk to me Doubt and love can go hand in hand Trust needs to be the bandstand Habit of doubtContinue reading “Habit of doubt”

The scent of the chase

​The scent of the chase The ego abase Time to invest In the new quest I am available  New squeeze insatiable  Sweet talk and chat Master of that Eschew masculine brevity Adopt feminine levity One of my wiles  Tested styles Aim sexual intimacy Follow up vigorously  Enjoy the chase Make it a race Want herContinue reading “The scent of the chase”

Setting me free

​You gave me strength to stand alone again You were there to support and encourage me You held my hand when I was lost and didn’t judge You gave me strength to find my way again I cried so many tears, and you held me Your words were always the ones to set my path Continue reading “Setting me free”


​Friends across the miles Getting together to harmonise  We are here with ear and heart Sharing good and bad, though far apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good to have anothers view A different take a voice of reason Helps us regain the silly season Sharing means perspective  regained OrContinue reading “Friends “

On line Friendship

We met on a word game, in cyberspace We got on well we bonded and chased We talked and shared, our lives our schemes Hard to remember, it is a fantasy, a dream For we only know the other, from the information shared Keeping secrets, though the soul seems bared We share our lives, fromContinue reading “On line Friendship”


Take me to another land I put myself in your hands Describe things I might never see Make it all alive for me Teach me facts I did not know Make me wiser when I go Share your humour, joy and drive Helps to make us more alive Close my eyes and you are hereContinue reading “Share”


Happiness is a funny thing The strangest things can make us zing A smile an act The use of tact A meeting of minds The sharing of lines A hand held out A teasing bout A care thats shared A friend thats cared Natures beauty Doing ones duty Working out A sexy bout Its hardContinue reading “Happiness”


Kitty A long life lived full of joy, sorrow and caring A time in space, with others, full of sharing So many moments, from your life, to be cherished Other times lived,then forgotten and perished. Childhood highlights, clear in your mind Lilting Irish tones, paint pictures of a kind Burgeoning love, then a partnership strongContinue reading “Kitty”