Old love….new love

Can you match me measure for measure Will you be sensitive to my pleasure Can you pull me out of this web of distrust Save me from from feelings bordering on disgust You planted the seeds and nurtured their growth Cared so much brought me close New love ,new feelings Exciting romance, expunge past dealingsContinue reading “Old love….new love”

Life Cycle

I sit in the corner and ponder my fate Events overtook me They just would not wait My life has moved slowly The seasons have passed I was never lonely Midst the flowers and grass I scattered my seed, in the fullness of time Then grew infirm, with natures decline Soon came the winter, thatContinue reading “Life Cycle”

Coup de Foudre.

The coup de foudre, when it comes Often has a roll of drums What sparks the action, who can tell Lust and hormones, could cause hell The gentle meeting of two minds Interests that mean, you are two of a kind But will it last and stay the course Or will love die and causeContinue reading “Coup de Foudre.”

Thinking about beliefs

I discovered a secret so true today It made be stop and rethink my philosophy We all need affection, a connection To be appreciated and to stop misdirection Misdirection that maybe stunts our growth That we use in our world, to hold back our feelings Or maybe to stop the status quo, from unreeling OurContinue reading “Thinking about beliefs”

Female insecurity

You have got a beautiful personality An exceptional sense of style and grace That is rivalled only by your beautiful Sense of humour Being blessed must be your nationality But insecurity has plagued you And played on yourself esteem However with some selfishness and selflessness And with love from within this can be redeemed BeingContinue reading “Female insecurity”