Caught in Passion

Verse, to brighten up your day Not into verse? why not look anyway? Available on Amazon, in print or kindle Has pictures too, so not a swindle Dips into friendship, beliefs and love Browse, fit your mood like a glove Lastly a little desire Maybe make,your mood catch fire It could be you will catchContinue reading “Caught in Passion”

Portrait of a Friend

A character as big as yours Needs to share not take a pause It knows that life is not a game That there are opportunities down the lane It likes to share the whole of life From joy and pleasure to trouble and strife Charismatic, sexual ,driven Compassionate, sensitive, full of vision It interacts withContinue reading “Portrait of a Friend”

Moth to your flame

I am attracted to you Like a moth to your flame A shining beacon held true As we join  our refrain I feel your spirit near me Though you are far away I let my essence flow free As our spirits interplay Without ever touching you I am drawn, to your inner spark I haveContinue reading “Moth to your flame”

Oasis in Time

We are strangers, connected by the Internet, combining life and fantasy. Although familiarity, knowing  the other, is becoming more a reality. We touch bases sharing our lives, or the parts we want to share, maybe a swiz.  Our time is spent, in banter, in play, in idle chat, in sexy  innuendo,adding fizz. How much isContinue reading “Oasis in Time”

Willing you to smile

I am in a silly mood Not the sort to cause a feud This crazy streak May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!

Caring for self

Where do you stand, in your life Top, bottom, or middle, a worker in the hive Are you on the treadmill, running out of control Trying to please everybody, multiple roles Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths Give to others, go to any lengths Feel stressed and unhappy Try to struggle on,Continue reading “Caring for self”