Cumulus clouds

Erotic images saturating my mind Cumulus clouds  flying high in the sky Shapes of desire leave reality behind Soaked in sensuality ready to fly. Playing my dream see the pictures clear Slip through the vapours to touch to win Floating on fantasy ready my dear Let our ballet begin.

Looking for you

I spent my life looking for you Now I have found you,am happy but blue It’s too late for you to be my mate Wasted years, parlous state Too many miles travelled Too many locks to unravel Could I be selfish and go with my heart Whilst breaking many others,would just be the start NowContinue reading “Looking for you”

Tender moments

Tender moments alone together Never looking back in anger, for the future looks bright  Delicate touches of the hand  Emitting a smile as the night draws in Remembering the times we’ve shared Negative moments the rarest of all  Excitement grows at the dawn of each day Softness in abundance, as great as the sun  SpontaneousContinue reading “Tender moments”


‚ÄčI quite like feet, I think they are kind of neat, If you believe in birth signs, There might be a link, Pisces like feet I think, They should be our heroes,  In praise they get zeros, They carry our weight, Though they are a part, we might hate, As erogenous zones go, For many,Continue reading “Feet”