Time together

Standing close I drink the view I trace your mouth The essence of you I gaze in your eyes I drown in their pools My emotions stretched Sexuality  infused Your hot breath Grazes my cheek Take a step nearer Feeling kind of weak Feeling your heartbeat Meshing with mine Safe now in your arms InContinue reading “Time together”

Friends on the Net

You share with me, words that imply caring Feels that your soul, you are baring Feel so close though far apart Your little quirks touch my heart I shake my head and try to find The nuances that are in your mind We have a discussion it’s the real deal On world affairs, we shareContinue reading “Friends on the Net”

Abstract picture

We meet online, Talk and chat,communication divine, I think I am a muse in your mind, Your imagination, adds a lustre to this kind, Adds virtues to my array, That I in reality don’t display, You read between the lines, And see only actions fine, The sketch of me, That you can see, Is partContinue reading “Abstract picture”

Jigsaw of life

cherish those pieces of you I shared, It had to be enough, the times we cared, Propping me up in times of woe, Helping to fight the common foe, My knight in armour, I think maybe not,  knight in ardour, That’s a possible plot, We never had a future just a here, to adopt, AContinue reading “Jigsaw of life”

Power shift

Feeling feverish, looking flushed Heart beating, pulse rushed She tumbles, head first into space Emotions, loose unbraced Pleasure peaking, close sustained To his will she bends, unrestrained His will to please her Make her purr She gladly takes his gift Then reciprocates a power shift.

Caring for self

Where do you stand, in your life Top, bottom, or middle, a worker in the hive Are you on the treadmill, running out of control Trying to please everybody, multiple roles Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths Give to others, go to any lengths Feel stressed and unhappy Try to struggle on,Continue reading “Caring for self”


Soldier I talked to a soldier Who was complex,moreover He liked to play games Helped loosen the chains He disliked politicians Who supplied the munitions Who ordered soldiers to go Against an invisible foe He went did his duty Saw the hell and some beauty Saw friends maimed and killed Had to be strong willedContinue reading “Soldier”