A megabyte of madness 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle You became a megabyte of madness Since we met life’s never been the same We frankly share happiness and sadness No false catechism staunches blackness We listen truly and do not shame You became a megabyte of madness We share our secrets with a cheerfulness Plus a tutContinue reading “A megabyte of madness “


Can you match me measure for measure will you be sensitive to my pleasure can you pull me, out of a web of distrust you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth cared so much, brought loving  close new love new  set of feelings exciting romance, to expunge past dealings trying to trust and believe anewContinue reading “New”

By line

By-line. She meets him on-line She is feeling feckless life devoid of excitement her need making her reckless On- line he gives her incitement He wants her to send a picture In a pose that is very seductive she fights her moral stricture thinking such ideas destructive She wants to look and feel glamorous sheContinue reading “By line”

Shivering Colours

Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave their way, round me and you Toffee brown eyes, glint and spark Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Weave their way round me and you Intertwined hair black and bamboo Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Aura’s radiating the colours of the heart Intertwined hair blonde and bamboo Beautiful colours shouldn’tContinue reading “Shivering Colours”

Second hand

What is real and what is dream Hard to tell with you it seems What is real when all you know Is second hand, a major blow What is real, when all you share Is part  of life, but, is reality there? What is real is my mind fills in the blanks Reducing your imperfectionsContinue reading “Second hand”