The scent of the chase

​The scent of the chase The ego abase Time to invest In the new quest I am available  New squeeze insatiable  Sweet talk and chat Master of that Eschew masculine brevity Adopt feminine levity One of my wiles  Tested styles Aim sexual intimacy Follow up vigorously  Enjoy the chase Make it a race Want herContinue reading “The scent of the chase”

A place of wonder

​Like unfurling petals in the first rays of the sun Like the dewdrop dangling iridescent from the leaf Like the warm glow from the full moon You came into my life The world  became a place of wonder

Share pleasure.

​  Wanting to pleasure all of you Your mind,your body, your senses too Share our humour find the joy Discuss the world, great art enjoy  Caress you, touched and mesmerised  Look in your eyes be hypnotised  To touch and find your erogenous spots To tie your nerves in tingles and knots

Where do you go to?

​Where do you go to , when you are lonely in the night When you are all  alone, do you try to feel the light Or are you overcome by the blackness of a totally moonless night Do you dive into day dreams of what might have been  Or reshape the future to give itContinue reading “Where do you go to?”

Rainbow colours

​Luminescent, phosphorescent,  iridescent  Water rumbles streams and tumbles Down the rocky cliffs Water droplets fill the air, clinging pearls in my hair Luminescent, iridescence  Rainbow colours flicker flowers Natures power awesome