Love is

Love is the joy, Love is the motivator, Love is the buzz, Love is the decoy, Love is the lance stabbing the unwary, Love is a dance, Love can be bitter, Love can be sweet, Love can destroy, Love can be a laser cauterising the heart, Love can be pain tearing worlds apart, Love canContinue reading “Love is”


What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, direction set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising Happiness comes andContinue reading “Dreams”

Heart the metaphor

What is this about the heart An illusion in love, used so much in art Songs and sonnets, plays and books Breaking hearts, heart sick Love is a product of the mind Involving emotions, hormones running blind Attraction starts not from the heart That’s really not the part Maybe from a glance that stirs theContinue reading “Heart the metaphor”

A morsel of you

I reflect on what we might have  been had things been different life’s unforseen,twists and turns following fates convuluted hand I had a glimpse or  a dream of a different future – built on sand Would we have been greater in pairing  or a disaster that fate has been kind in sparing our paths met,Continue reading “A morsel of you”

Love songs and poems

Listening to the love songs reading the poetry books love should be out there  can’t be overlooked take my breath away love at first sight these are the prizes if the authors are right looked around the corners  under the seats in my life, that sort of love seems to have me beat take aContinue reading “Love songs and poems”

Fantasy and reality

Fantasy and reality side by side grow boundaries blur where is the plateau? starkness of words translated into pictures  holes in the substance, filled in, no glitches Subconscious embellishment start a glow bad habits, never witnessed, don’t spoil the show endearments uttered are stored in memories box  intense and  important, they become a paradox SheContinue reading “Fantasy and reality”

Lay your head

Lay your head on my heart Feel the beats stop and start Our mind pictures blending the feelings we are tending feel the warmth of my skin it must be win win Reach out to me Feel the beats stop and start describe your feelings in this time we are stealing a time free toContinue reading “Lay your head”

Sharing Time

Sharing time with you Makes me happy        Respite from reality A secret space       Touch and embrace Feelings of vitality Wrap close around me Like tendrils of morning mist                           Clinging, hard to resist Sharing time with youContinue reading “Sharing Time”

Fire a Terza Rima

You are  creator,  destroyer, transformer Which will you  be, as you play your guitar I wanted love to be your reformer You spark and sizzle your essence aflare You consume, it’s your way of persistance Your music, just one way, to lay souls bare You are a blaze, shown with consistence To consume all theContinue reading “Fire a Terza Rima”


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