Category: sadness


​Sanguine the blood red colour of my heart

Sanguine the way I feel, about our parts

We play the game we act so well

Could we be in pantomime, l cant tell

We lost the bond, the glues unstuck

Emotions cold, not run amok

Sanguine is it really how I feel

Am I ready to give in our love repeal 

Sanguine the blood red colour of my heart

It will be transparent, if its torn apart


​Words of love often suppressed

 Kindness taken for granted, unexpressed

Presumption of thoughts, norms and dreams

Seems we no longer talk of schemes

Drifting along feather light

Lack of communication lack of fight

Minds door closed 

How to rewind, do you suppose

Need to look and see the whole

Can we clean the windows, throw light on the soul

View the other objectively, eschew control

Or are doors locked tight, welded shut

Will we live our lives, forever stuck

Viewing each other from a place unexposed

Not pushing the gate for a loving repose

Words of love often unexpressed

Relationship sunk into mindlessness

Happiness Road

​Which is the road that leads to happiness

Is the sign post instantaneous

Does one tread a path and start anew

Or should one do a life review

A commitment made has become a burden

Start a new life, new diversion

Where to dump the heavy load

Grief and woe and loneliness

Which is the road to happiness

Ditch commitments run away

Or try to work with feet of clay

Entrenched in doubt, tormented by fear

Need to get the thinking clear

The path to happiness might be nearer than you know

Reach out to a friend in the undertow

Then cherish yourself in order to grow


The joy of music

​Feel the rhythm feel the beat

Sense the music adding heat

Feel the rhythms  feel the beat

Sense the musical mystique 
Music for your every mood

Exciting times or ambrosia food

Music calming feeds the soul

Energising, lose control
Pick the song that makes you sad

Then the one, that makes you glad

Instrumental or song that taps your toes

Waltz, Jive , chill or snooze
Poetry is music made of words

Rhythm and beat can still be heard

Making music in the mind

Pictures and sounds so divine
Feel the rhythms feel the beat

Music for your soul, just can’t be beat

Threads of sound

Woven around
Feel the rhythm feel the beat

Sense the music adding heat

Feel the rhythms  feel the beat

Sense the musical mystique 

Confused about Love

​Listening to the love songs

Reading the books

Love should be out there, can’t be overlooked
Take my breath away, Love at first sight

Looked around the corners,under the seats

In my life,that sort of love, seems to have me beat
Had the sparks and the flashes

But not the full thunderstorm

Are all those songs and novels, so far from the norm?
Is companionship and friendship

A more sustainable refrain

Am I searching for unicorns, a pot of gold, the bubbles in champagne?
Contentness and happiness are with me yet

Still I am searching for the holy grail

Confused by reality, a very cold trail
Is my love with me

But my mind doesn’t see?

I am confused, who can help me?

Reality or dream

​Is life reality or is it a dream

Do we play to our own tune, or is it what it seems

Is our life already mapped

Or do we choose our own path, find adversity and adapt 

Ride the rapids on a raft
Are we powerless a victim to every happen chance

Or can we make those changes, in lifes Jerky  dance

Will true love be our saviour

Probably not, but it can modify our behaviour 

Make us fly on the up draft
When you walk by my side

Both the ups and the downs, are a roller coaster ride

Of excitement and burn, some great extremes

Is life reality or is it a dream

A mixture of both with you it seems! 

For my own sanity

​I want you to like me

I think you understand

I hope that our friendship

Will stay until the end
I wanted you to love me

The stars had seemed so right

Those early hedonistic days

Then you stole off in the night
I wanted us to maintain, that special bond

Those special shared moments

That our relationship was based upon

Then you showed they were shared with others, a premise bogus

I think I have been holding onto a relationship, fantasy

It was a relationship built on shifting Sands

That I just didn’t see

I must cut the bonds for my own sanity

Alternative way

If you are feeling at a low ebb
Despondent unable to cope with lifes web
Heartbroken, unappreciated
Clothed but feeling stark naked
When you want to give up,stop, look for hope
Regroup, retrench and for a moment,be a castle in a moat
Find your essence, the centre of your being
Retreat into your inner eye do new seeing
Let go of all the things you can’t control
Hold all your strengths and blessings to extol
Grieve for dreams unfulfilled
Wishes and hopes that have chilled
Then parcel that grief and toss it away
Breath deep the scent of the happiness bouquet
Find small green shoots to nurture, even in the devastation
Don’t give up, hold on, it’s all in the interpretation
Find lifes alternative way.