Growing a relationship

Drawn, infuriated, bliss, bored,inspired, You invoke so many emotions in me Are we partners for the lives we desired To become soul mates true, do we have the fee The ability to trust, allow growth, not impose rules Work on ourselves, as the way to live together better Or has one of us more rightContinue reading “Growing a relationship”

Our uniqueness

What is it, about our uniqueness, Should it exist? Is it seen as a weakness, To be burnt away, like mist, Our spark and our idiosyncrasies, Does society, want us to conform, Join the herd, act in ways that please, Step in line, stay within the norm, What is it about, your uniqueness, That IContinue reading “Our uniqueness”

Jigsaw of life

I cherish those pieces of you I shared, It had to be enough, the times we cared, Propping me up in times of woe, Helping to fight the common foe, My knight in shining armour, I think maybe not,  knight in ardour, That’s a possible plot, We never had a future just a here, toContinue reading “Jigsaw of life”

Cyber relationships

We met on a word game in cyberspace We got on well we bonded and chased We talked and shared our lives our schemes Hard to remember it is a fantasy, a dream For we only know the other, from the information shared We will have kept secrets, though our soul seems bared The versionContinue reading “Cyber relationships”

Converging Lives now free on Amazon Kindle until 3rd April. Grab your copy. FREE ON KINDLE 31ST MARCH TO 3RD APRIL Why not download it? Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Read-Rate-Review. Friendship. Titillating texting, Love. Lust .Jealousy. Intrigue. Rick Ansom is an Australian Financial Advisor with a Special Forces background and an addictionContinue reading

You beguile me

The messages and the pictures Are sent to beguile and bewitch us I am there for you and you for me To add another layer to infinity To help us take some pleasure To become bonded, measure for measure The melted state that you can create Makes me glad that you are my mate LeavesContinue reading “You beguile me”