Sharing to recharge

The burdens of life and stresses of the day Don t need to wedge us, gone and away We are here, with  ear and heart Sharing good and bad, though miles apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good, to have another’s  view A different take, a voice of reason HelpsContinue reading “Sharing to recharge”

You beguile me

The messages and the pictures Are sent to beguile and bewitch us I am there for you and you for me To add another layer to infinity To help us take some pleasure To become bonded, measure for measure The melted state that you can create Makes me glad that you are my mate LeavesContinue reading “You beguile me”

Oasis in Time

We are strangers, connected by the Internet, combining life and fantasy. Although familiarity, knowing  the other, is becoming more a reality. We touch bases sharing our lives, or the parts we want to share, maybe a swiz.  Our time is spent, in banter, in play, in idle chat, in sexy  innuendo,adding fizz. How much isContinue reading “Oasis in Time”

Cyber Dilemmas

Cyber Dilemmas by Eve Starting off, with tempting situations  Giving and recieving sexy invitations  Stirs the hormones, wakes the senses  But its fantasy, there are fences  Enjoyable banter every day Adds a thrill, temptation to stray Keep it friends, or take it further Miles apart, objective observer   Touch my mind, move within  Share ourContinue reading “Cyber Dilemmas”