Hold the joy of the moment

Hold the joy of the moment Keep it safe within Whatever happens tomorrow Don’t let the demons in Remember that moment of bliss When you stepped off the precipice It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn If your dreams don’t pan out Keep that treasured moment safe Don’t let future angst cast that momentContinue reading “Hold the joy of the moment”

Willing you to smile

I am in a happy mood Want to share it with a multitude This crazy streak May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!

Read your mind

Wouldn’t it be good, to be able to read your mind Or perhaps it wouldn’t really help, us to be realigned Just really need to understand, the way you think Instead of making assumptions, that are based on our relationship I mostly understand the you, that you share But we are complex creatures, of thatContinue reading “Read your mind”

Strangers but not strangers

We are strangers, connected by the comfort of unfamiliarity. Although familiarity, knowing  the other, is becoming more a reality. We touch the edges of our lives. Spend time  in banter, in play, in idle chat in sexy  innuendo,adding fizz. It’s peculiar how the inadvertent takes us to a complete circle.  That feeling of connection; thatContinue reading “Strangers but not strangers”

Rebuilding dreams

Today my dream seems set to rust Think it’s past it, reduced to dust Gossamer threads colour my day Looking at a horizon layered in grey Sure the dark is pulling me in. Hold my dreams, in my hand Sifting through their hues, there’s  a bright strand Hold that strand towards the light Twinkling green,Continue reading “Rebuilding dreams”


Feeling my cheeks blush Swamped by this crush Meeting you for a date Nervous and excited at fate My heart is hammering Emotions enamoring I have imagined this event All my dreams it represents We have been friends for so long A far away bond has been strong Feeling sick but delighted Over awed butContinue reading “Meeting”

Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation Every move a revelation She steps ever closer Shedding her composure Should she take a chance Her heart before, was lanced Protecting that healed wound Must not leave her bound Time to take the plunge New world’s, old world’s expunge No time to reminisce Now is the time for bliss ExcitedContinue reading “Moving closer”

Wondering about you

How close will we become Can feelings overrun Ever since we met I have wondered yet If you will be the one My yin, my yang, my fun That we will share our dreams Even peripheral to your schemes Could this be lust or love, to a degree Let’s just meet and see what mightContinue reading “Wondering about you”

Friends on the Net

You share with me, words that imply caring Feels that your soul, you are baring Feel so close though far apart Your little quirks touch my heart I shake my head and try to find The nuances that are in your mind We have a discussion it’s the real deal On world affairs, we shareContinue reading “Friends on the Net”