Anticipation  Starting a new chapter Anticipation New period of rapture Anticipation  Tick all the boxes Anticipation Expecting lots of validation Throw out procrastination Anticipation Putting aside old wrongs  Clean sheet being strong Anticipation  Damp down expectations Anticipation Waiting for  adventure, to hatch Anticipation

Second hand

What is real and what is dream Hard to tell with you it seems What is real when all you know Is second hand, a major blow What is real, when all you share Is part  of life, but, is reality there? What is real is my mind fills in the blanks Reducing your imperfectionsContinue reading “Second hand”

Communicating Emotions

When a smile lights  up a face, Warms the soul, leaves a trace, Joy and happiness fit the bill. Halt Sometimes misery adds a chill, Frown and glower sets the face, For despair we have to brace. Re group Try to find the bud of hope, Nurture it expand its scope, Don’t rail about theContinue reading “Communicating Emotions”

The dit dah of life

The dit dah, dit dah  of his life, Morse‚Äč code,  Flashing lamp,  Programming  breaking                   lines The patterns of disordered  Strife. Hand held out, Grasping, Momentary gratification, Plucked fruit spoilt             by handling He acts without doubt. The boom, boom of life, EgoContinue reading “The dit dah of life”