Sharing Time

Sharing time with you Makes me happy        Respite from reality A secret space       Touch and embrace Feelings of vitality Wrap close around me Like tendrils of morning mist                           Clinging, hard to resist Sharing time with youContinue reading “Sharing Time”


The journey goes on         The wheel of life turns A new awakening burns                                Thankful to see New ideas to set me free Moving through life Things I can influence              Continue reading “Journey”


Can you match me measure for measure will you be sensitive to my pleasure can you pull me, out of a web of distrust you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth cared so much, brought loving  close new love new  set of feelings exciting romance, to expunge past dealings trying to trust and believe anewContinue reading “New”

Riding the Storm

The air feels heavy with foreboding as colour leaches out of the daylight greyness turns coppery and progresses to near darkness Lightening flares and strobes across the sky as thunder rolls like cannonades the jagged spears tear open the sky the world is      phosophorus illuminated then fades back to near darkness The stormContinue reading “Riding the Storm”

Padlocked Love.

Padlocked Love So many padlocks Locked with so much love Each locked compartment Bursting at the seams Once upon a time  the symbol of fidelity Lovers clipped them to a rail Threw away the key Thousands of padlocks  Sitting in a row A sign of relationships Waiting time to grow Years pass by and theContinue reading “Padlocked Love.”

Shivering Colours

Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave their way, round me and you Toffee brown eyes, glint and spark Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Weave their way round me and you Intertwined hair black and bamboo Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Aura’s radiating the colours of the heart Intertwined hair blonde and bamboo Beautiful colours shouldn’tContinue reading “Shivering Colours”

Silly mood

I am in a silly mood Not the sort to cause a feud This crazy streak  May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!