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I sense you near me

​I sense you near me

Painting me with your eyes

Although all you see is a picture

A vision on far away skies

I feel you near me 

Although you are far away

Communicating over the ether

Is so commonplace  today

I feel I know you

Although only through what you share

I have a limited portrait

With a canvas that has large bits bare

I feel a friendship

Growing stronger with time

The strength of the sketch 

Will strengthen or maybe decline

I feel you near me

We are able to share 

Humour, interests and difficulties

Adds a dimension most rare

Flying High

Sometimes we explore all realms of being
Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing
Trust that binds us allows for sharing
All ideas pondered our intimacy baring

 Expression lands us raw and intense

Ideas unlocked excitingly immense
So many situations and fun to try out

 Partners of pleasure no limits no doubt

 Flying high on clouds of delight
Spreading our wings with all our might

 Making the visions we hold in our heads

 Come alive to our delight

Habit of doubt

​Habit of doubt

Need to work it out

Communication is the key

Talk to me

Is this distance just a phase

Or is doubt the poisons craze

We are there to share good and bad

Talk to me

Doubt and love can go hand in hand

Trust needs to be the bandstand

Habit of doubt

Talk to me

A sabbatical from us 

Will sever the trust

Lover or friend

Having doubts, share your feelings

Share with me

​Beating  in the heat

Plunging into your life

Trying to dig deep

Not yet ready for flight
Finding the essence of you

Alerting all my senses

Savouring the taste, the hue

Receptive to your aura
Breathing synchronized 

Breaching long held barriers

Twin souls to decide

Beating in the heat
Share with me