Butterfly or Moth updated 

Butterfly or Moth, Beautiful markings plight it’s troth, The one gets applauded, the other disdained, Yet each is beautiful, if we view unrestrained, The day and the night, Each has a part, if we use our foresight, Butterfly or Moth, just look and see, A beautiful creature born to be free. Butterfly or Moth, WhichContinue reading “Butterfly or Moth updated “


There is no mistaking you, Standing poised by the jeep, surrounded by the fractured light as the sun bounces off metal and glass, Your head thrown back, emitting sounds, that I cannot hear, Although I am imagining, the infectious booming laughter, rolling from your lips.  Images blown like paper, Stirring, in the draft from anContinue reading “You”


Sometimes we explore all realms of being Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing Trust that binds us allows for sharing All ideas pondered, our intimacy baring Expression lands us raw and intense Ideas unlocked excitingly immense Adventures discovered as we move through life Supporting each other through trouble and strife ​Sometimes we explore all realmsContinue reading “Exploration”

Looking for you

I spent my life looking for you Now I have found you,am happy but blue It’s too late for you to be my mate Wasted years, parlous state Too many miles travelled Too many locks to unravel Could I be selfish and go with my heart Whilst breaking many others,would just be the start NowContinue reading “Looking for you”

Particular Trust

Feelings For You Just get better Love Longing strong Red letter day Friendship Firmly Grasped Strong bonds stay Partnership Particular trust Together we should stay


The burdens of life and stresses of the day Don t need to wedge us, gone and away We are here, with  ear and heart  Sharing good and bad, though miles apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good, to have another’s  view A different take, a voice of reason HelpsContinue reading “Sharing”


I look at my friends and see such diverse human beings What is the recipe ,what makes us gel? With some I share interests,with some it’s harder to tell With some I would bare my soul, but with others I would share just parts I suppose with all, they touch my heart Shared memories,laughter andContinue reading “Friendship”


Is it unreasonable, to hope that you will remember The day that is special for me Is it unreasonable, to hope you will remember The date, when there is a marker event in your life Eleven days before, and each year we discuss the coincidence Hopes dashed yet again Is it reasonable to conclude, thatContinue reading “Unreasonable”