Eyes full of darkness

Would I look at you ,the same ,” regardless”, if your eyes were filled with pain No I would probably look closer, more information to obtainI might want to try to support you in your struggle to surviveTo try to hold a mirror to the you, behind the pain in your lifeI would maybe wantContinue reading “Eyes full of darkness”


The burdens of life and stresses of the day  Don t need to wedge us, gone and away We are here, with  ear and heart  Sharing good and bad, though miles apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good, to have another’s  view A different take, a voice of reason HelpsContinue reading “Sharing”

Random  Fate.

When random fate shook its hand We played a game, fate took command We talked all day We made some play We explored horizons Had interesting conversations When the light came into sight The connection seemed right I felt the lure, a big connection Adding  friendship a new direction Opening up we let it flowContinue reading “Random  Fate.”

Too good to resist

​ Holding my trust in its fragile packaging Wondering whether to have plenty, or rationing Having faith in myself, to make the right choices Still listening to inward, warning voices I have been hurt, many times before Got to have trust, this time, hurt no more You nurture my needs and understand Being open toContinue reading “Too good to resist”


​I feel your happiness I feel your pain I share some of life’s refrain Transience I share your problems I divert your mind I walk beside or trail behind Heartstrings I comfort you as best I can I want to heal you that’s the scope I want to be your beacon of hope Sham IContinue reading “Overview”


​World expanding ,hovering somewhere near the sun Reviewing hopes and fantasies, nearly come undone Exponential, Epoch, Elevate and Energised Willing, Wit, Wisdom try to be Wise Fulfillment, Functioning, Feelings helps life Flow Growing, Gentle, Gratitude learning how to Glow Turning self belief into a better way to live Changing my perspective learning how to thrive.