Category: joy

Live tomorrow with pride

Hold the joy of the moment

Keep it safe within

Whatever happens tomorrow

Don’t let the demons in

When things pan out in abundance

Remember, that moment of bliss

It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn

Like when, you  stepped off the cliff

If your dreams don’t pan out and things go askew

Regroup, retrench find the siren song, bright not blue

Don’t give into despair,or  let the black dog sit

Dive right in and salvage the good bits

Hold the joy of the moment

Don’t let the demons in

Whatever happens tomorrow

It’s a new day , free from sin

Learn from the good and the difficult

Don’t let angst, cast that moment aside

Let go of anxiety and anger, live tomorrow with pride


Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start

My breath flows for you

Exhaling pheromones, circling true

Wholeness unites us

We imagine it thus

Our mind pictures blending

The feelings we are tending

For you I do lust
Reach out to me

Enjoy the company

Feel the warmth of my skin

It must be win win

Describe your feelings

In this time we are stealing

A time free to care

We have little to share

Lay your head on my heart


Sharing buried fantasies

We eagerly find

Trialling our ecstasy    

Freeing our minds

 Sharing passion true

Colours our lives

 Expanding our view

 Excitement thrives

Whatever we can imagine 

Will become our feast 

Adding allure and attraction

To that ravening beast


​World expanding ,hovering somewhere near the sun

Reviewing hopes and fantasies, nearly come undone

Exponential, Epoch, Elevate and Energised

Willing, Wit, Wisdom try to be Wise

Fulfillment, Functioning, Feelings helps life Flow

Growing, Gentle, Gratitude learning how to Glow

Turning self belief into a better way to live

Changing my perspective learning how to thrive.