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Trapped in this life
Like a fly in a Web
Though not trussed up tight
In silken thread
Held by invisible chains
Of inertia and caring
Longing for a tangible love
Rather than this shell, they are wearing
She knows there is affection
But dreams of so much more
She reads of soul mates
She wants that encore
She searches her memory
Was love ever as bright
As those flashes, she dreams of at night
She’s stuck in dependency
Trapped in this life
Mesmerised by lights
Wanting so much more
Unsure how to unwrap paradise
Trapped in this life
Wishing,  wanting, wondering, wife.

Nuggets of joy

Where do you find  little nuggets of joy
Each and every day, do you need your radar as decoy
Or do you soak them up, with negativity have no truck, find joy in tiny and in big

What makes you smile, is it sometimes naughty
Or is it always pc, like in a laboratory
Kindness brings smiles, humour maybe a belly laugh, then all those myriad that make us larf

Joy to each might have different hues
Recognising and counting it, it’s important to choose
Instead of your cares holding sway, ferret out those joys hidden in every day.

What could they be?
Something simple, that you see
A compliment
A message from a friend
Sharing a moment
An email or text to send
A smile from a stranger
The song of a bird
That shaft of sunshine
Beautiful music you just heard
Gifting your time to help another
Playing a joke on sister or brother
Sharing the joy of others
A hand being touched

A quick list off the top of my head
So many others, lots to spread.

Please add to my list of joys to savour.

Interacting on line…or maybe crossing the line.

Some thoughts on cyber sex

Sex is a two way process, recieve but also give
Cyber is but fantasy, but sometimes helps folk live
If a friend is feeling horny, why not help, if it feels right
Don’t play and get involved, if its going to cause a fright
There are people, it seems fine to share with, but try to keep it tame
Others are just dangerous, will take  advantage, it’s not a game
You have to go on instinct, but also think it through
Cyber has its dangers, that could cause you to rue
Oxytocin is lurking, to cause emotions to run high
Fall in love at your peril, how much of these interactions, are a lie?
Sex is a two way process, receive but also give
Cyber is for fun, acquiring emotions you could outlive

Inspired by some of those cyber relationships that are happening all the time, the friendships,  Sexual encounters and on line interactions that inspired the novel Converging Lives.

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Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Read-Rate-Review.
Friendship. Titillating texting, Love. Lust .Jealousy. Intrigue.
Rick Ansom is an Australian Financial Advisor with a Special Forces background and an addiction to adrenaline rushes. He has met several ladies playing an internet word game and has discovered fun, friendship, flirtation and cybersex on line. A fun way to spend spare moments through out the day. Maybe an affair or two on line would be fine, but he wants nothing serious.  Unfortunately emotions can become highly charged. When the picture of a person is incomplete, when the communication  is brief but intense, people can fall in love in this parallel world, but with a person made more of fantasy than reality. What happens when the real and the fantasy mix together? Chaos, not only for the people playing the game, it can  impact on the rest of their lives with unforeseen consequences. Meet Rick, Christine, Marghita and Eve all playing a harmless word game. See them engage in friendship, lust , jealousy and something more sinister. Converging lives where real life and fantasy combine to send out ripples that change peoples lives maybe forever. Take a peek into this world , it mirrors what is happening on line game sites.

Read-Rate- Review’s take on Converging Lives. See the review on Amazon.

Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Having come to this book fresh from reading ‘Viral,’ also about a very different online experience, I now view all things cyber in a new and informed light! Of course I knew about internet grooming and bullying on social media along with similar, more sinister uses of computers and the internet – but I never ever realised that to some people they have two completely separate lives; one based in reality and one in the computer world – and I’m not even sure they know the difference between the two.! •Converging Lives’ follows the real-time and cyber lives primarily of Rick, Christine, Eve and Marghita, married people from different countries who meet online to play a word game, Crozzle. From Crozzle they frequently progress to an online messaging service called Beat where they exchange messages, share pictures and tell anecdotes of their everyday lives, often becoming deeply emotionally attached and developing virtual sexual relationships. The problems begin when the lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurred and crossed with the consequences taking a more sinister turn. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling the story, but this book is definitely worth a read. There are some basic punctuating and grammatical errors which I assume are part of the advance copy and will be dealt with for the final copy so I haven’t allowed them to influence my rating. BUT, once again, wow! Not only was this a real page turner – but I also learned some important.

Crozzle text snippet.

This is a snippet of text conversation whilst playing the game Word Crozzle. The man a thirty year old commuter who played and chatted on the train as he commuted mostly. Christine early forties somewhat of a cougar. The sex conversations they often had sometimes caused him election issues during his commute.All Christine knows about Ryan is his age and he commutes hence her description mystery man. Of course it maybe that none of those facts is actually correct.

Morning 7th May.
Christine: Good morning..x
I found this poem thought I would share a little.
Hard erection awaiting penetration
Brushes my skin amazing sensation
Eagerly awaiting tantalised and shaking
Your hot breath in my ear excitement awakening.
Ryan: My lyrical master..  How are you sweetheart?
Christine: 1 am just fine…how are you?
Ryan: In a crowded train feeling excited after that.
Evening 7th May
Christine: Good evening. Playing I see.Still on the train?
Ryan: Home now…a shame its not your home x
Christine: Ah but we might not get on well living in the same home…
Ryan:would be fun trying!
Christine: Fun for a weekend maybe…x
Ryan: Maybe..
Christine: A weekend would probably sate us nicely….! could eat breakfast off your body….finger food!
Morning 8th May
Christine: Good morning…Friday…
Ryan: Hey sunshine
Evening 8th May
Christine: Hey mystery man its the weekend any plans? X
Ryan: It’s such a mystery, even I don’t know! You?
Christine: Haha…out for drinks in min…out sun lunch …
Christine: Spect u going to the gym???
Christine: Hi MM.xx
Ryan: Evening my sexy minx
Christine: Hi Ryan…have had wine so smiling….naughty….and good…lol .

Interactions are based on material researched for the novel Converging Lives.

Text excerpt from a Word Crozzle conversation.

Jane. I have been indulging in cyberspace with a young man.
Rick.Naugnty Mary Jane. Hahahahaha. I think Mary Jane  will be be my name for you when you are being naughty angel!
Jane. Yes started late with sex enjoyment so. Having my young time now….
Oh since when has it been naughty Rick Anson?
Rick.Yes indeed. No its all good. Teasing baby.
Jane. Also really late discovering the joy of sex! And my full sexuality so got lots to recoop am in arrears!
Rick. I applaud that. Because most women would just settle and be miserable.
Jane.  But actually the more I hear women in their fifties they are either very sexual or disinterested in sex.
Rick. Yeah either extreme
Jane. 1 know of several women in their fifties doing stranger sex and lots who feel they have done their ‘duty’ and dont want sex anymore.
Rick. Like totally want it. Any time anywhere or hate the idea and thought of it.
Jane. Yes.
Rick.  I’m sure that is the case.
Jane. And maybe I am somewhere in the middle ,because l havent made that mental leap to stranger sex…but adore good sex!
Rick. I’m sure going through the menopause must have its draw backs,  but for some it might also be a new lease of life sexually.
Jane. Yes….but I think the women who go off sex….may have had mediocre sex…..maybe with a man who was more interested in getting his end away than pleasuring them…or its boring same same sex.
Rick.I concur with that.
Jane. I think lots of women never have an earth shattering orgasam in their lives and never self explore so they never experience the total joy and therefore it becomes less important. And when the lust wears off…one has to work to keep sex exciting…and people dont bother.
Rick. All they need is a younger model for a few nights. And usual services will resume.
Jane.  Only if the younger model is good….and thats not a given.
Rick. But good old monogamy prevents such sacrilegious sentiments. Lol.
Rick. I know. I’m good. Can’t speak for everyone. Hahahaha.
Jane.1 think monogomy is less an issue….than other things…
Jane. There is still a big difference in attitudes to men having lots of sexual partners…..and women….hes just getting his end away…shes often seen as a slut. Its very complex.
Jane. Glad you are good… you have a set of commendations?
Jane. It took me a long time to find somebody who was good…lol.
Rick.Yeah definitely.
Commendations? Hah! Try me baby!
Jane. Ha ha. Well only got your word.
Rick.But we are still living in a man’s world.Whether we like it or not in relation to perception of sexual roles and activity. That’s  generally still the case unfortunately
Jane. Yes we are … Sexually I now feel comfortable asking for what I want.
Rick. Which I think every woman should do
Jane.Yes but you have to know….and if you havent done self exploration or had a skilled lover dont know….and how can you expect a man to find your buttons if you dont know exactly where they are. He will have a general idea…but each of us has slightly different buttons.
Jane. And you have to have the confidence …I didnt when I was younger.

Converging Lives Meet Rick

Meet Rick from Converging Lives one of the main protagonists…

An adrenaline junky, loves extreme sport

Married to an older woman…he was her toyboy….

Always, since first sexually aware, drawn to older women

He has a big appetite for extra marital scores, but doesn’t want to lose marriage perks and still cares for Gillian.

He no longer really  desires or feels in tune with her wants…she  seems to have lost interest in sex and adventure.

Golfing friend told about cyber…

Experimenting, learning, having some good laughs

Handsome, over six feet tall,dark hair…going slightly grey….beautiful eyes….draws women to him

Articulate and charming. Whilst very much at home with men, camaraderie and bonding are important to him. His communication style is very in tune with the female psychic which women particularly like.

He’s getting a little addicted to the cyber scene.

Spending more and more time in cyber

Likes the thrill of the chase, loves the new encounters …loves to feel he is giving the woman pleasure…..likes to be available and to share pleasure with the woman when she asks….. this is causing him problems, disturbing his sleep…causing him to take risks at home….what is the belief that is driving this need???

First post Internet relationships

I am writing a novel set around internet friendships and have done much research into emotional relationships. I have not been researching the internet dating scene, those people who are actively  searching. Instead I have. been looking at relationships that have occurred serendipitously. Relationships that spring from chance meetings on games sites or the social media.Many of these friendships and subsequent emotional bonds happen to people already in partnerships or marriages,some strong, some rocky. I want to explore some of the issues around this area . I want to explore the issues of ethics, of how to guard your heart in a fantasy world,maybe the rules one needs to think about. To get those of you in such a relationship or about to embark on one to think about the ramifications. I hope to share the views of real people with the views of some of my characters. So this is my starting point, hope its an interesting journey.