As I search  the roads of this eternal maze I just find dark corners and more dead ends  Searching and searching  to ignite the blaze With short term lovers or just good friends Where is the love I am yearning towards To worship my body and cherish my mind The soul mate, lover, giver ofContinue reading “Yearning”

The Last Holiday

A Georgian house Ivy clad No haunted corners places of dread Labyrinthine with added wings Bright lofty rooms added zing A chance to explore new places Share some love, cement relations  This holiday the first in years A time for smiles not for tears A Georgian house ivy clad Haunted corners make people sad LabyrinthineContinue reading “The Last Holiday”

Ups and Downs

What is it with life  it has ups and downs Pleasure and pain  Joy and heartbreak do the rounds Would that our lives  could, just be pleasure No pain or woe  for us to measure. Why is it, things  go so wrong? Bad things happen  not like in songs How do I deal  with theContinue reading “Ups and Downs”