Dancing the Sky Dreamy

Trying to learn a photo editing programme!  Two versions of this poem what do you think?

Communicating Emotions

When a smile lights  up a face, Warms the soul, leaves a trace, Joy and happiness fit the bill. Halt Sometimes misery adds a chill, Frown and glower sets the face, For despair we have to brace. Re group Try to find the bud of hope, Nurture it expand its scope, Don’t rail about theContinue reading “Communicating Emotions”

Letter to my ex.

Dear one time lover, What ifs, past regrets Peevish feelings, let’s forget, If today l am feeling blue, Why wish you, miserable too, (Although in my heart. Maybe I do!)   When you left, without regret, With no thought for my distress, Taking of course the easy way, You found more, compliant prey (I expect,Continue reading “Letter to my ex.”

Changing Perspective

World expanding,hovering somewhere near the sun, Reviewing hopes and fantasies, nearly come undone, Moving away from darkness, misery and pain, Pushing back the negatives, to balance beliefs again. Changing my perspective learning how to thrive, Developing self believe now in over drive. World expanding,hovering somewhere near the sun, Reviewing hopes and fantasies, nearly come undone,Continue reading “Changing Perspective”

Dancing the sky dreamy.

The triolet Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined, Our essence mingling freely ,bobbing wild, Gossamar threads ,keep our essence aligned,     Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined,         Spreading light, heating our desires tide,             Aerial ballet, across the air compiled, Dancing the sky, dreamy, soulsContinue reading “Dancing the sky dreamy.”

Lifes bitter sweet song

I thought you were  my forever love, I pined  when you were gone, I pictured  your every move, Not to think about you  seemed so wrong, But now, you  are a faded memory, I struggle  to see your face, I have learnt  from  times legacy, I am  now full of grace, I have found anotherContinue reading “Lifes bitter sweet song”

What makes you smile?

What makes you smile? Is it sometimes naughty or is it always pc, like in a laboratory, Is it a combination of things  that tickles your fancy, What sort of  humour makes your belly laugh satisfactory, Do the small joys of life  bring a smile to your day, What makes you grin, lets do aContinue reading “What makes you smile?”

Live in the Moment

Live in the moment, Not in the past, Nor hanker for the future, It’s a fantasy repast. This moment, might not be the finest, But it’s the now, Make it the best you can, Make that your vow. Don’t defer happiness by harking back, Don’t look to others to mark out the track, Find innerContinue reading “Live in the Moment”