Developing cyber relationship.

My life seemed incomplete, I was talking to empty air,
And nobody listened, or seemed to care
The depth of my relationships, seemed
shallow, unheard
Life seemed stale, no whizz, lack of the absurb
Then things seemed to change, new interests arose
My focus shifted, more poise, more prose Words on breezes, seeded the air
Till they found the right ears, found a snare
Letting go of buried sighs,finding friendship a suprise
In cyber floating unfocused, senses alive, otherwise
The pull of interest potent, no concerns no doubts
Ready for adventures, waiting to be played out
The conversation becomes clouded by lust
Not an issue it’s well laced with trust
Not ready to cross the line,emotions held in check
Friendship the deal, what the heck
The pattern changes
Through interesting stages
Laughter caring and sharing
Some soul baring
Makes me glad we met

Awake Early

Awake early
Its at the morning
Part of the day
Yet its so dark
In sleep, I should stay
But my body
Itself betrays
Wide awake ready
For whatever foray
Is thrown at it
To grasp and weigh
Ready to live, laugh
Try to stay
Focused energised
Reduced dismay
Another day of precious life
Will pass
I am at the cusp


Peeking through, my tousled hair
Looking through eyes, needing to stare
Enjoying the view and able to share
With a sensitive man, so kind so rare.

Gathering confidence, feeling right
A friendship, full of laughter, sunlight
Watching the actions, I longed to see
Making me feel sexy, a totally new we.

Your warm breath, tickling my naked neck
Or you teasing me, what the heck
Feelings experienced, no need to check
With you as my friend, a memorable effect.

Room with a view

The room with the view
Has a problem or two
Its up five flights of stairs
There aren’t any chairs
When you get to the top
You feel that you’ll drop
You are so red in the face
Breathless with the pace
You have to lie down
Now comes a frown
Cause the room with the view
Its only a loo!

Keeping passion alive

Tender moments alone together
Making memories that we treasure
Everlasting love in our minds
Using the irritations, to redraw the lines
For the future looks bright

Making life work together
Life’s storms, help strengthen and weather
Remembering the times we’ve shared
Wanting each to grow, to be, we’ve cared
Negative moments the rarest of all

Excitement grows at the dawn of each day
A new page, of life, to meld, to weigh
Spontaneous moments, ensure the future is secure
It’s not plain sailing, but together we mature
Touch so sweet, tenderness, excitement meet.

Keeping the passion alive.