Key of Destiny

Ornate key with topaz stud  you seem part of my destiny I am dreaming, what do represent you are all mystery Solid, cold and beautiful you are a work of art I cannot remember where you came from. Or why I am dreaming?  What do you represent you are all mystery Do you represent theContinue reading “Key of Destiny”


Anticipation  Starting a new chapter Anticipation New period of rapture Anticipation  Tick all the boxes Anticipation Expecting lots of validation Throw out procrastination Anticipation Putting aside old wrongs  Clean sheet being strong Anticipation  Damp down expectations Anticipation Waiting for  adventure, to hatch Anticipation

Dancing the sky dreamy.

The triolet Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined, Our essence mingling freely ,bobbing wild, Gossamar threads ,keep our essence aligned,     Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined,         Spreading light, heating our desires tide,             Aerial ballet, across the air compiled, Dancing the sky, dreamy, soulsContinue reading “Dancing the sky dreamy.”

The word of power

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves  Energy, jumping set ablaze I challege you to spin my dreams Educate me, help me to  ply my schemes Join me , help me in my wonder Send me to the heights, sate my hunger LiberateContinue reading “The word of power”

Revised You

I posted the poem you yesterday I have reviewed it and changed and hopefully improved it what do you think?  You. There is no mistaking you, Standing poised by the jeep,  Surrounded by  fractured light, like a being from another  dimension, Your head thrown back, emitting sounds that I cannot hear,  I am imagining, theContinue reading “Revised You”

Idle Dreams

My idle dreams can help me merge my various forms  and recreate visions of the future,  or just allow me a space to be the me I would like to be,  The child , the femme fatal, the carer,the cook,all part of me, My fantasies can take me away from the angst of a dreadfulContinue reading “Idle Dreams”


I am trapped in a place I am not sure if it’s real The paths are all gone  At best it’s surreal. The leaves have all fallen They crunch underfoot There is no perspective I think I am forsook. This land of the fae Is an alien place They called to me, plaintive That diminutiveContinue reading “Trapped”

Looking for you

I spent my life looking for you Now I have found you,am happy but blue It’s too late for you to be my mate Wasted years, parlous state Too many miles travelled Too many locks to unravel Could I be selfish and go with my heart Whilst breaking many others,would just be the start NowContinue reading “Looking for you”