Fire Fly

​I get glimpses of who you are Makes me want to return from afar  Your soul seems suffused in light Like a moth to a flame it seems so right Your warmth and sweetness  Becomes my weakness Drunk on the your nectar Like a bee, I am a collector The intenseness of our communication HasContinue reading “Fire Fly”

Free day

What shall I do today No schedule ,to mar my play Shall I just please myself Do exercise to improve my health Shall I just improve my mind Enjoy literature of the improving kind Or allow my baser nature to concur Dress to kill become a poseur Read trashy novels of the seedy type ListenContinue reading “Free day”

Reality replace?

​Sharing time with you Takes me to another place Makes me happy Relaxed and full of grace If that luxury was denied Life would go on I would survive  Diminished but able to cross the great divide My mind endows you with virtues  That I know in reality don’t exist You are a creature ofContinue reading “Reality replace?”

I like your style

I like your style You make me smile Your ease and charm Act like a balm The you I share Without a care The bits I see Tantalise me


​Connection You walk beside me Even though we are worlds apart Connection I have the pictures of you Mind generated Plus photographs sent over the ether I have the pictures of you Sharing with you You are at the other end of my phone Communication may be indirect but still Sharing with you Connection NeverContinue reading “Connection”


​ December feels just like spring Weather warm no cold swing Dark and damp the winter nights Gloomy days a few are bright Rain and gales the weather gives No crisp cold frost the warmth forbids The season marches further on Christmas creeps up hit that gong Presents bought and cards a wing Mood adjustsContinue reading “Winter”

Proverb’s and sayings.

​The grass is always greener on the other side Does that mean we should run there, or take time to decide Curiosity killed the cat Should we make note of that A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss Is that about living life, not giving a toss All that glitters is not gold Dreams are goodContinue reading “Proverb’s and sayings.”

Bearing gifts

​I come bearing gifts Not the tangible gifts wrapped in coloured paper My gifts are maybe of the ether, concoctions of vapour I hope my gifts are priceless, they cannot be bought They are not in the shops, they may be gifts, you have not sought. I come bearing gifts My love a beacon onContinue reading “Bearing gifts”

I sense you near me

​I sense you near me Painting me with your eyes Although all you see is a picture A vision on far away skies I feel you near me  Although you are far away Communicating over the ether Is so commonplace  today I feel I know you Although only through what you share I have aContinue reading “I sense you near me”


Checkmate, parlous state Playing games, no rebate Trying moves, pulling strokes Checkmate, making jokes Cruel puns, not shared laughter Scoring points couldn’t be dafter Checkmate trust revoked, poor trait Checkmate learning to hate,  is it all too late? Reset the game, change the rules Checkmate in life could be for fools Checkmate put in contextContinue reading “Checkmate”