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Live tomorrow with pride

Hold the joy of the moment

Keep it safe within

Whatever happens tomorrow

Don’t let the demons in

When things pan out in abundance

Remember, that moment of bliss

It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn

Like when, you  stepped off the cliff

If your dreams don’t pan out and things go askew

Regroup, retrench find the siren song, bright not blue

Don’t give into despair,or  let the black dog sit

Dive right in and salvage the good bits

Hold the joy of the moment

Don’t let the demons in

Whatever happens tomorrow

It’s a new day , free from sin

Learn from the good and the difficult

Don’t let angst, cast that moment aside

Let go of anxiety and anger, live tomorrow with pride


What is it, about our uniqueness,

Should it exist?

 Is it seen as a weakness,

To be burnt away, like mist,
Our spark and our idiosyncrasies,

Does society want us to conform,

Join the herd, act in ways that please,

Step in line, stay within the norm,
What is it about, your uniqueness,

That I celebrate and applaud,

Your honesty, drive and genius,

Your flaws I also laud,
What is it, about my uniqueness,

That I cherish and nurture,

The me that exists, that’s not seamless,

My drive for happiness, still a searcher,
Our spark and idiosyncrasies,

Should be cherished,

They are the oil and the antifreeze,

That fuel creativity, not see it perished.

Events from the past

Frozen in time, behind windows of glass,

In the museum of the mind

Events from the past, in crystal clear clarity

The memories are stored, allowing recall first class.
But how clean are those windows? From the thoughts we revive,

When we dredge deep in the recesses, for treasures or lines,

Have some of the mirrors, become distorted with time,

As we struggle to bring events to focus keep them alive.
We use some tricks to remember the good and the bad

Hurt and misery are etched on the glass, the texture abrasive, a recurring repast,

Happiness sits in a golden glow, romance set in amber, held to last,

Special moments in a corner marked with glad. 

Evocative smells or sights add to our minds concepts

Memories so clear from the mysteries of time

What have we forgotten, have we added some lines?

Are they truly a picture of the past, or cleaned and sweot?
Frozen in time behind windows of glass

In the museum of the mind

Events from the past.


​Sunshine on the hillside glinting houses white 

Bouganvillia near the dock glowing ever bright

Cable cars into the sky an orderly procession

Giving stunning views,though safety an obsession

Tobogans flying down the hills, tourists terrify

Flowers in the market, our senses electrify

Maderia wine on offer, plucked from the vine 

So many types to try, free tasting,  so divine

Walking on pictured,cobbled, pavements 

Past Birds of Paradise ,such an amazement

The world is ever bright

 sunshine on the hillside Glinting houses white

Visiting Funchal a veritable delight


​Am I truly happy? 

Could I have been happier?

Did I make the right choice last year?

If I had taken a different route, would I have less fear?

Does happiness have a pinnacle?

Or will tomorrow supply me more?

If my choices had been different,would I have a better outcome?

If I could rewind would I climb a different mountain?

Take a deep breath and stop the angst

I cannot obssess about what might have been

Am I content in the now?

Working on that with all my know how

I have to adapt, learn to change

Look to the future to rearrange

The past is the past it will help me to learn

But if I obsess, I won’t get a return

I can day dream the changes my life would have

But I will never know, its a life I never had

Am I truly happy?

If not I must strive

Move into the future

New choices to derive

Bearing gifts

​I come bearing gifts

Not the tangible gifts wrapped in coloured paper

My gifts are maybe of the ether, concoctions of vapour

I hope my gifts are priceless, they cannot be bought

They are not in the shops, they may be gifts, you have not sought.
I come bearing gifts

My love a beacon on the gloomiest day and the darkest night

Soft silvery light to shine in the darkest corners, extra bright

Enabling you the strength to fight your dragons

An extra support in your times of despair, or adverse circumstances
Non judgemental listening allowing openness and trust

Engagement of ears and brain, freeing communication lines, of rust

Trust, that you will find the best way that you can 

A commitment to share my values but not try to force  you to rescan.
A desire to share all of life

With a raft and a map to ride out the strife

The knowledge that everybody also needs space

Not to be hog tied in life’s hectic race.
A bag of humour yet to be shared

Silly moments, joy and laughter cannot be compared

The knowledge that we all need to be self fullfilled

Both need to grow to and for the future build.
My bag of gifts is light on baggage

Many more gifts are there prepackaged

Look and experience my vaporous gifts

I hope they are suitable, they are not to be missed!
I come bearing gifts.

Life revolves

​Life revolves,life just flies

As soon as you are grown, the time rolls quickly by

The decades change perceptions and what we like to do

Time compresses, the years are quickly through

There the many milestones that mark the passage of time

Lust, love, births and marriages, career progression make quite a line

There was a time to party,  and drink unlimited booze

Then bedtime gets much earlier, we opt to stay and snooze

Running up the stairs was always such a breeze 

Now its more a gentle walk with more than the hint of wheeze

We used to love to travel to far flung flung exotic places

That hasn’t changed but check what we now pack in our cases

Our taste in music was bang on trend

Now the latest fad is unintelligable and drives us round the bend

We used to have so much energy, we could over ride fatigue

Now we suffer aches and pains, our energy is under siege 

Lifes one long continuum, needs and priorities change

Just keep a reckoning of all your major gains

Remember that child inside remains forever young

Live it up and enjoy each decade as it comes

Life revolves, life just flies

As soon as you are grown, the time rolls swiftly by.

A new set of values???

​What did I want from this life?

Did I understand as I stumbled through?

Planning. No more like serendipity 

With no direction what have I missed?

With reaction rather than considered action

What crass decisions have I made?

How have those decisions  rolled out across the the cosmos?

How have those ripples impacted on others?

Who have I hurt without thought?

With a philosophy of caring for others

Have I actually been guilty of being egotistical and uncaring?

What do I want from this life?

Maybe a new set of values