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You walk beside me

Even though we are worlds apart

I have the pictures of you

Mind generated

Plus photographs sent over the ether

I have the pictures of you
Sharing with you

You are at the other end of my phone

Communication may be indirect but still

Sharing with you

Never feeling truly alone

An illusion that gives me strength


I sense you near me

​I sense you near me

Painting me with your eyes

Although all you see is a picture

A vision on far away skies

I feel you near me 

Although you are far away

Communicating over the ether

Is so commonplace  today

I feel I know you

Although only through what you share

I have a limited portrait

With a canvas that has large bits bare

I feel a friendship

Growing stronger with time

The strength of the sketch 

Will strengthen or maybe decline

I feel you near me

We are able to share 

Humour, interests and difficulties

Adds a dimension most rare

The scent of the chase

​The scent of the chase

The ego abase

Time to invest

In the new quest

I am available 

New squeeze insatiable 

Sweet talk and chat

Master of that

Eschew masculine brevity

Adopt feminine levity

One of my wiles 

Tested styles

Aim sexual intimacy

Follow up vigorously 

Enjoy the chase

Make it a race

Want her to enjoy

Thats no ploy

Helps my satisfaction

No distraction

When intimacy reigns

Its about pleasure not chains

Then boredom sets in, excitement popped

Intimacy dropped

Scanning the horizon 

The scent of the chase

Finding the new friend apace

On the merry go round

Ego buzzing no rebound.
Rick’s philosophy.

Converging Lives.

I would never cheat and lie

​I live in a life where love has gone stale

We have ceased trying and live without the detail

The film reel has become stuck 

Same old, same old, in a rut

Its not that we are not in love

Its just we are no longer collaborative 

Need excitement, validation, ego reclaimation

I know you care, we manage in formation

I would never cheat or lie

Wouldn’t hurt anothers eyes

Just need some fun and mystery

Add another dimension to my history

I just text  as we play

There is just so much to say

I sit with you but I am with her

Happy and content not miserable and blurred

I would never hurt you or jeopardise us,thats absurb

A space in fantasy is all I crave

Maybe I should stay and fix us, be brave

How can it end in tears

Ok sharing may breed feelings, but not affairs

I would never cheat or lie

Am I playing a deadly try

Playing with hearstrings that I cant manipulate

I just need to validate. 

Written with inspiration from the song In Anothers Eyes by Trisha Yearwood.  For Rick from the novel Converging Lives.

On line Friendship

We met on a word game, in cyberspace

We got on well we bonded and chased

We talked and shared, our lives our schemes

Hard to remember, it is a fantasy, a dream

For we only know the other, from the information shared

Keeping secrets, though the soul seems bared

We share our lives, from our own point of view

Not a rounded version from others too

We share an oasis, from life’s woes and cares

We are friends indulging in a cyber-affair

We share great intimacy, its exotic erotic

But its words and pictures, it’s only symbolic

It revs up our hormones and gives us a thrill

Feels so real our needs to fulfil

We find so much in common, it gives us a high

We see the nice bits, not the grumps or the cry

We have a view of another’s life

Sharing the pleasures and some of the strife

We need to remember while the interaction is real

Our mind adds in details, too many, surreal

But the real world comes first, has to be the case

Fantasy is just that, it may have a place

Enjoy the moments the tingle and the fun

If your emotions entangle, it’s time to run

Understand the rule,s keep them in mind

Then friendship not heartbreak will be

The bottom line.


Dedicated to all those who meet and interact on line. Relates to Converging Lives the novel.

Talking in the ether

I was talking to nobody
And nobody listened

The depth of the words
Were shallow unheard

I cried to the wind

Lonely, not knowing how to cross the divide

My wishes and hopes 

Carried on the ethers tide
When they met the right ears
Trust dispelled all my fears
Letting go of buried sighs
Finding friendship a suprise
In cyber Floating unfocused
The pull of friendship potent

Adventures played out
No concerns no doubt

Laughter caring and sharing
Some soul baring

I was talking to somebody

Somebody was listening

Cyber Friends

In cyberspace their is a race

Of people who want a different space

Who want to add a layer on

To make new friends not take them home
Some of them just pass us by

Touch our lives, make us, laugh or cry

Others linger sharing stories

Of life or love and other glories
 Some become firm friends indeed

Others want to flirt, different creed

For some the magnet feels so strong

However the story weaves is it right or wrong?